Camera Repairs

Professional Camera Repair 

We believe that every customer, from the beginning photographer to the multi-million dollar manufacturer, deserves to have their devices repaired expertly, quickly and for a reasonable cost. This is why we guarantee your products will be fixed right and why many customers have chosen Double Bay Camera Shop for their repairs.

Double Bay Camera Shop will arrange to have your camera equipment repaired by certified technicians in the most cost-effective way. We do all the legwork and call you with an estimate. Some repairs take only  five days to complete once an estimate has been approved.

We offer a 3-month warranty on all our repairs, ensuring you peace of mind that your camera will work for a long time to come.

Digital SLR Sensor Cleaning 


One of the biggest challenges to today’s Digital SLR owner is the ever present worry of getting dust on your camera’s CMOS or CCD imaging sensor. At Double Bay Camera Shop we have many clients come to us complaining of “flying saucers” in their pictures, or large black spots on a subjects face. To make matters worse, cleaning your sensor is not just a simple do it yourself endeavor. One wrong move and you could be looking at a damaged shutter or even worse a scratched low pass filter, which can equal big repair dollars; sometimes more than the cost of a new camera. To top it all off sending your camera to the manufacturer can be a long painful process sometimes taking up to 6 weeks!

Thankfully there is hope! At Double Bay Camera Shop, our highly skilled technicians can professionally clean your camera’s sensor. We guarantee that your Sensor Cleaning will be flawless. To make it even better we offer same day service for walk in customers, and guaranteed next day service for shipped in cameras. Just drop your camera off and we will have it professionally cleaned or simply ship your camera to Double Bay Camera Shop and we will have it cleaned and shipped out.

Camera and Lens Calibration 


Tired of soft out of focus pictures?  Don't be!  Let our professional technicians calibrate your camera and lenses so they work flawlessly together.  Our calibration service fine-tunes your equipment to ensure you get the best possible images time and time again!