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The EOS 5D Mark IV camera's advanced 30MP full-frame sensor provides increased resolution and finer detail, enabling the capture of a wide range of scenes, from landscapes to portraits. Higher speed continuous shooting also offers expanded creative possibilities. The sensor's advanced architecture offers a huge native ISO range of 100-32,000, expandable to 102,400, making it possible to capture clean, high-quality pictures, even in extreme low-light conditions.

Key Features

- 30.4 Megapixel full-frame sensor
- Advanced 61-point autofocus
- Up to 7fps continuous shooting
- Native ISO 100-32,000 sensitivity
- 4K video at up to 30 fps
- Dual DIGIC Image processors 6 & 6+
- Enhanced Weather sealing
- 8.11cm (3.2-inch) touch screen

The EOS 5D Mark IV utilises the same 61-point wide-area AF system as the flagship EOS-1D X, offering exceptional sensitivity, precision, and speed. One of the most advanced AF systems currently available. Now with improved low light performance, The 5D Mark IV is capable of accurate auto focus at up -3 EV.

Creative performance without compromise
The EOS 5D Mark IV features not one but 2 image processors, being a DIGIC 6 and Canon's latest DIGIC 6+ image processor, which powers a range of new functions while boosting the cameras performance.  The increased power of the dual image processors also enables a range of tools which contribute to higher image quality. Lens peripheral illumination correction, Lens chromatic aberration correction (lateral and axial) and high ISO noise reduction are all performed in-camera without affecting performance, allowing photographers to continue shooting without any camera lag. 

EOS 4K Movie Capture
The EOS 5D Mark IV builds on the reputation of the EOS 5D Mark III, with a range of new features introduced following feedback received from videographers to provide 4K video. Videographers can now shoot in the extremely hi-res DCI 4K format (4096x2160) to deliver video that will look gorgeous on any range of new 4K-capable monitors and televisions. Even if ultimately delivering in 1080p, shooting in 4K allows videographers to have more flexibility with their video, providing the extra resolution needed to reframe the shot or add zooms and pans in the editing stage. In addition, a new feature has been added to allow the ability to pull an 8MP still from a 4K video in-camera. The frame rate while shooting at 1080p has also been increased to a max of 60fps, while the frame rate at 720p is increased to a max of 120fps.

Professional build quality and easy operation
The EOS 5D Mark IV has been built to offer photographers easy-handling and robust build quality. Its lightweight (60g lighter than the 5D Mark III), high-grade magnesium body offers advanced weather proofing for protection against the elements, while the strong construction of the shutter makes it ideal for repeated, everyday use. A new feature is the addition of a fully-fledged touchscreen which boasts such features as touch-to-focus, swipe, and pinch-to-zoom during playback and general touch menu navigation. The USB port has been updated to a blazing fast USB 3 port, and the camera also includes a CF card slot plus an SD card slot which enables shooting to both cards simultaneously, auto switching when the one in use becomes full and the option to copy images from one card to the other in-camera. The EOS 5D Mark IV also includes the addition of built-in Wifi and GPS technology. Anti-flicker technology previously seen in the EOS 7D Mark II also makes it's way into the EOS 5D Mark IV.

Dual Pixel RAW format
The EOS 5D Mark IV is the first camera in Canon's lineup to feature the groundbreaking new Dual Pixel RAW file format. An optional format for shooting photos, Dual Pixel RAW allows for a range of improvements over traditional RAW formats. Specifically, Dual Pixel RAW allows for Image Microadjustment, Bokeh Shift and Ghosting Reduction. Image Microadjustment will allow one to change the position of maximum sharpness and resolution using the depth information in the Dual Pixel RAW file, and can be used to improve critical focus. Bokeh shift allows repositioning of the viewpoint or foreground bokeh for a more pleasing result. Finally, Ghosting Reduction reduces the appearance of ghosting and flare in images.

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